Yulia Niko

A dynamic, determined and driven force in the world of electronic music, Yulia Niko embodies a style and
grace that lie at the core of her success. Currently based in Berlin, she rose to prominence on the global
circuit via her connection with the highly influential labels, Crosstown Rebels and Watergate. Her ability to
channel emotion and rhythm into the dance floor with her melodic productions that oscillate between
house and techno. Since the age of 15 Yulia has dedicated her life to music, moving to New York in her
early twenties to study production after spending her adolescence DJing and collecting music. With her
formal grounding, and a flair for DJing and production, she established herself on the underground,
playing across the US and Europe. Now a globally recognised artist with a packed touring schedule and
impeccable discography, Yulia is preparing to unveil her debut album - an intimate and exploratory project
that marks a key milestone in her musical journey…
Ever since she was a teenager, Yulia’s passion for electronic music has been innate and all-consuming.
At the age of 15, a car accident left her in a serious condition in hospital. She credits music with being key
to her recovery, sparking a desire to get back on her feet and to utilise the power of music to evoke
positive change in the world. With such a deep and profound connection to music, and the will to carve
out her own path, it was perhaps inevitable that Yulia would become a success. She began to DJ, and
landed herself a residency at a popular local club. After graduating from university she moved to New
York. There she enrolled on a music production course, to add an extra dimension to her skillset, knowing
that it would unlock a new phase of her burgeoning career.
Four years of study provided the foundation for her production endeavours, and she began to release
music. Initially focused on the minimal style of electronic music, her connection with Crosstown Rebels
bossman Damian Lazarus inspired her to incorporate melodic influences in her sound. Witnessing the
beauty and harmony at events like Day Zero informed her sonic identity, and she began to create music
to soundtrack the wonder of those powerful gatherings. With releases on Crosstown Rebels, Rebellion
and, later, Watergate, Yulia established a sterling reputation for well-crafted, melodic dance floor magic.
Her bond with Watergate led to a residency with the iconic Berlin club, along the Manifesto EP. Appearing
at the club on a regular basis gave her the opportunity to galvanise her style as a DJ, while also allowing
her to showcase her superlative selecting skills.
Today, Yulia travels the globe, performing at a long list of the world’s most prominent and influential clubs
and festivals. With each performance she channels her desire to harness the transformative power of
music into her sets, leaving dance floors worldwide full of positive energy. Yulia’s optimistic outlook also
informs her music exploits, as her early experience with trauma left her with an acute understanding of
the notion “everything happens for a reason”.
This same philosophy permeates into her debut album, Twin Soul, a personal body of work that she
produced after the death of her father. Like so many parents of musicians, Yulia’s father found her career
choice challenging, and wanted her to take a more “traditional” route, concerned that she wouldn’t make
it. Just as she began to achieve a high-level of success, he passed away. “This album is dedicated to my
father, because I want to show him that I'm a real artist,” she says. After his death, Yulia found some
photos of her father in his younger years and saw just how similar they were, hence the album’s name. “I
saw that I’m absolutely his copy,” she reveals. The album artwork also reflects this vision of twin souls.
Across 10 tracks, Yulia steps outside the bounds of her sound to experiment and create freely. There was
no rigid plan with her studio sessions, just an intention to go with the flow and allow the creativity to
express itself without any boundaries. Working with live musicians and vocalists adds a more organic,
human tone to the album, which is, of course, emotive and confessional in its own subtle way. With artistssuch as Ost & Kjex, Yotam Avni, Paul Brenning and Moullinex featured on the album, there’s an overall
feeling of joy and appreciation of life in the here and now, with hints of melancholy and yearning. Yulia’s
liberated approach utilises the album format perfectly, approaching it like a blank canvas and using that
boundless space to produce a sincere and heartfelt ode to her father’s memory.
Over two decades of commitment to electronic music and its transformative capabilities, Yulia Niko has
demonstrated her innate talent for DJing and production. In combination with her positive energy, she
continues to ascend, touching the lives of countless dancers across the world. As she shifts into the next
chapter of her musical story, Yulia Niko maintains the good humour, grace and humility that got her to the
top of her game in the first place…