Wouter Vingerhoed

Wouter Vingerhoed (born March 12, 1997) is a driven Songwriter/Producer from the Netherlands. Mostly working from his studio located in Haarlem, he spends his days alongside a variety of inspiring, upcoming writers and artists.

During his internship with multi-platinum producer Huub Reijnders, Wouter worked with some of the biggest Dutch and Belgian artists like Chef’Special, Typhoon, Stan Van Samang, Rowwen Hèze and many more. After learning the ropes, he not only continued to work together with Huub, but also proceeded to write with, and produce for, artists independently. This led to him getting signed to Sunova Publishing.

Combining his love for traditional Pop with fresh views from other genres, he quickly earned credits writing & producing with various artists. The most recent releases being ‘I’m Sorry’ & ‘oh no’ by Blanks and three songs on Tim Dawn’s debut album, including title track ‘Everyday Magic’.