DJ and Producer duo W&W dominate dancefloors and festivals aroundthe globe. Formed in 2007, the Dutch DJ duo are known for their highenergy festival music, and have been ranked in DJ Mag’s Top 20 spotsfor over a decade.

W&W's sound combines the uplifting melodies of Trance, intensity ofTechno, fused with elements of the harder styles, creating their uniquesignature main stage stadium sound. Amassing over 8 million monthly listeners on Spotify, their productionsare championed by fans and artists alike for theirmagnitude, diversityand massive appeal to multiple audiences.

Performing at the biggest festivals in the world and racking up over 10million followers across social media platforms, there is no doubt thatW&W are pioneers in the main stage electronic dance music scene.With the rise of their Rave Culture label, and theimpact of their NWYRtrance alias, W&W are pushing the limits and making a lasting influence