The Melody Men

OK, so first things first. The Melody Men aren’t actually men. Dyanna and Lou, two London based ladies definitely have a sense of humour as they named themselves ironically to reflect the male-heavy industry they work in.

This talented duo are songwriters. They are vocalists. They are producers. The girls have made records in their own right, sung and written on stacks of other people’s tracks and had their music used in major campaigns by international brands such as Vodaphone, Boots, Stella McCartney and Google. The Melody Men’s vocals and writing has also found its way onto many a TV show ranging from Love Island to SkySports Football.

In the last couple of years,the duo have featured and written with the likesof Mark Knight, Mason, Roberto Surace, Dannic, Tough Love, Kideko and many more. They have tracks with several million streams and internationally radio playlisted records.

The Melody Men are chameleons when it comes to musical style. They can change and adapt to fit any genre. Vocally the girls flit easily between rap, dancehall, disco diva, soul and indie.

In the next couple of months this diverse duo have killer tracks forthcoming with UK rap star Nadia Rose (co-write/production), M-People vocalist Heather Small(co-write)and new dance tracks for Defected and Insomniac.

Insta -@themelodymen