Sirolf (Floris Uffing) is a producer and singer- / songwriter, looking to enchant people through his music. Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands and shaped in 2022, Sirolf is a mix of Progressive House and Melodic Techno, and focuses on bringing innovative sounds to the electronic music scene.

After graduating from the well-known Herman Brood Academie in 2021, Sirolf started building towards a new and refreshing way of expressing himself in both music and visuals. He started to use his vocals to complete his creations, displaying the full width of his creativity.

Being in his early 20s, Sirolf matured into his productions, racking up thousands of streams and gained support from names like Martin Garrix along the way.

When soothing synthesizers and dreamy vocals lead the way towards an ecstatic climax, it can be none other than Sirolf. His debut EP setting the tone for what’s to come.[/read

Coen Tegelberg