Olly Walker

Olly Walker is the latest risingfrom the UK.Dubbed by Don Diablo asa serious one to watch,Olly has beenputting in the worksince a very young age.At only 15 he got his first Londonresidencyand remixed Kyla La Grange’s ‘Hummingbird’ together with Ollo Vera under theirOX2 moniker, which went on to hit platinum status on Spotify within less than a month’stime.

Starting out on his solo releases with ‘The One’, ‘Sorry (I Had To Leave)’, ‘Sometimes’ and‘Metro’ have landed him into the multi-million Spotify streams and he’s just getting started.‘Energised’–an exciting collaboration with Ollo Vera–is stepping him into the Hexagonfamily. Starting out 2022 on a high note with ‘Only You’ featuring HRTLSS dropping onLoudkult, there’s more new music to follow.

With a true passion for livehe’s focused onturning every show into as much a visual as anear piece of candy,accompanying his latestHexagonrelease with an impressive livestreamtothe stunning backdrop of a London city rooftop. The world lays at his feet as Olly Walker isgearing up to set out on his journey, ready to conquer and amaze with more new musicdropping shortly-this indeed is a serious one to watch!