Follow Lov3less into each corner of her inner world as she weighs up the contradictions of life and examines the thin line between lust and love. Lov3less explores the dark edges of the inner debate between good and evil. Building on the three pillars; seduction, intimacy and passion she invites you to her inner world by presenting a wholly contemporary sound.

She sings about the everyday doubts of a young woman in a man’s world; deviously plays the game of seduction while trying to turn the prevailing power relations upside down.

Lov3less focuses on vulnerability, turning it into her biggest strength, and seduces you into entering her world of sultry pop songs with a raw edge. Though impossible to not hear the passion that the music thrives upon, she’s too stubborn to commit to one genre or musical movement. Lov3less ventures into new territory and playfully creates her own sound.