James Levey

James and Archie, both from London, found each other at a party in Oxford back in 2011.
Bonding over a shared love for a unique sound, they’ve since produced on various projects
together, played around the world and released on some of dance music’s most respected
My Friend, as they call themselves, started as a passion project & exploded onto the scene
when Danny Howard featured their unsigned and unreleased tracks on Radio 1's 'Future Fire' in
2018. Now, they're bringing their electrifying DJ sets to festivals and clubs across Europe, and
are quickly becoming regular fixtures in their hometowns most renowned clubs including Fabric
and Printworks.
Blurring the lines between house, techno and progressive, their sound is a mix of euphoric
melodies and driving depth. With their debut release 'Solace' already amassing over 8 million
hits & a solid schedule of upcoming releases, it looks like the future is bright for this dynamic