French II

French II aka Frank Klick is a Dutch DJ and producer based in Tilburg. Drawing from a wide range of influences, his functional and murky, breaks- and percussion-heavy sound especially depicts Frank’s deep-rooted ties to UK bass music.

As a former member of BANGANAGANGBANGERS collective, French II has been releasing monstrous beats with signature grimey vocals and performed on stages of festivals such as We Are Electric and Mysteryland, weaving together eclectic mixes of anything from dubstep to drum and bass to footwork.

Taking up the new moniker French II, he embarked on a new chapter in his music career as a solo artist, marking it with his debut EP Hytune / Quite OK released on Intercept. With the familiar genre-disobedience, his solo works seem to vent his more introspective side and provide the freedom for experimentation, giving room for melancholic atmospheres and brooding basslines to step in. This is especially evident in his most recent release, his second EP on Intercept Time/Tracker. Read our interview with French II to find out more about the new record and delve into the producer’s background and the studio process.