Bass Modulators

Bass Modulators is a cooperation between Roland Evers and Rick Buijtenhek which started in 2006.

Two friends since high school, both with a great passion for music, started their musical career both in their own way. Rick began to produce mostly trance and Hardtrance music at the age of 17. Roland had a passion for the turntables and became a DJ at that age. In the beginning he played multiple styles from trance, Hardtrance till Hardstyle, and a few years later he started to focus especially on the harder styles. He also started to produce music by himself from that moment.

In the meanwhile Rick also began to produce more Hardstyle and that was the point where the cooperation really started. They both shared a passion for uplifting melodies combined with hard and rough sounds, and made some tracks with this formula. They began to realise that they made a perfect team, because they both had their own specialties that worked out very well together. From that point it only became better. They put some tracks on the internet, and by accident it was found by some people who where very excited about it. After a lot of great and positive responses they were approached by DJ Brainkicker to do a cooperation, and that’s the point where this great adventure started.

After a very successful first release together with Brainkicker at DJ’s United Records with “Fight The Future / Ring That Shit” they went back into the studio for a solo project and a few months later a new release was born, “Indeep / The Cube”. This was their real breakthrough in the scene.

Nowadays they’re performing as well national as international and there will be a lot more pounding and promising releases in the near future.

There won’t be any Damage Control.