We’ve known each other since we were teenagers. We met at a local footballclub, and went to the same school. Always in touch with music, Morten
played saxophone for many years, while André played piano for a similar amount of time. Around the age of 18, we became interested in electronic
music, and began to work in FL Studio as a fun hobby. In 2018, we decided to take our production seriously and created our duo name, ‘AXMO’.

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The first two years of our project, we mainly focused on general big room since that
was the genre that brought us into the EDM scene. But as we worked, we tried to create our very own unique sound. We worked day and night playing
around with a variety of different techniques and styles, until we finally found our passion: creating anthems for the mainstage. We aimed for a
mixture of electronic sounds, deciding to not stick to one because we wanted to incorporate all EDM genres, especially big room, trance, happy hardcore,
and hardstyle. Each track we make we try to give the ‘AXMO’ touch, with an
unforgettable melody and beat – tracks that are made for mainstages