Ava Silver

Ava Silver from the Netherlands is living her dream by being a topline creator! Her choice to work with DJ/producers made everything fall into place. Bringing them those catchy, dreamy or epic hooks and delivering them with breath taking vocals!

The singer, songwriter and vocal producer has been in the music scene for a while. She started out with a study in Musical Theatre at the conservatory in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, but her love for pop music soon made her switch to the Rockacademy in Tilburg. Stepping into an environment where some of the top artists in the Netherlands (Krezip, Danny Vera, Duncan Laurence) have studied. Here she truly developed into the artist and songwriter she is today. She graduated as a solo artist with the release of an EP and a final show with her live band. In the time that followed she developed her skills in music even more by being a vocal coach and by performing with different coverbands. Read Less

Fast forward to some years later. The electronic music scene always kept on calling and she decided to take some serious steps in that direction. This resulted in signing with Cloud 9 Music. After this she’s made it her strength to be able to deliver a topline all by herself. Even though she also loves collaborating with other songwriters and vocalists.

Ava Silver has seen an amazing start with Julian Calor’s ‘No Fear Anymore’, released by Monstercat in 2019. Soon releases with labels like Enhanced, Loudkult, Armada and Q-Dance followed. Her diversity brings her to different styles like Pop, EDM, Dance and the harder genres. So now she’s grateful to be working with amazing artists from all over the world!