Alpha Zoo

From the city of Rotterdam, Sami Dmitrovic is as deeply rooted in music asanyone. From an early age his head got completely turned by the hiphopand dance music coming from his sisters room and this music fascinationhas been the main thread running through his life ever since.

Every cassette, CD or vinyl record he could get his hands on got playeduntil completely worn out which is also when he first started messingaround with decks. His love for a variety of music which also includesdrum ‘n bass and techno, had its logical conclusion in FL Studio where hemanaged to combine his many influences in a wicked creative and originalbrand of techno music: AUXXUA was born.

With this alias only his second ever release hit number 1 on Beatportcementing him among the greats of the scene almost overnight. Duringthis time he also gained a lot of traction for his energetic and unique styleof mixing, winning no less than 6 high profile DJ contests of which onehave him the opportunity to perform for 25.000 spectators. He’d found hiscalling.

Yet something still didn’t feel complete. After launching Kraak Events,throwing some of the heaviest techno events around and buildingKorsakov into the biggest indoor drum n bass festival on the planet(winning Rotterdam Club Night Of The Year in the process), he felt he hadto strip it all down to the core and take it back to his original love: housemusic. After slaving away in the studio for years crafting his sound, hefinally hit the sweet spot he’s always searched for: Alpha Zoo.

The basslines are gnarly and heavy yet bouncy and catchy, the vocalchops and synth progressions are unlike anything you’ve ever heard anddue to his signature DJ style they are even more powerful in his hip-hopand and dance infused performances. This is only the start for this youngartist, entrepreneur, label owner and international event manager. Theworld is at his feet and that’s where it’ll stay for a long time to come.