Ahmed Helmy

Ahmed Helmy is a highly acclaimed music producer and DJ from Egypt, celebrated for his remarkable contributions to the trance music scene. With a profound passion for electronic music, Ahmed embarked on his journey into trance, captivated by its emotive melodies and invigorating energy.

Known for his distinctive sound, Ahmed Helmy has carved a niche for himself in the trance community with his fusion of euphoric melodies, driving basslines, and powerful synths. His compositions are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, weaving intricate arrangements and dynamic builds that immerse listeners in a captivating sonic landscape.

Ahmed Helmy's talent has garnered recognition from fans and industry peers alike. His music has received widespread support from leading figures in the trance world and has graced the stages of renowned festivals and radio shows worldwide. In 2023, Ahmed Helmy achieved a significant milestone in his career with a collaboration alongside trance icon Armin Van Buuren, resulting in the electrifying track "Rhythm Inside." This collaboration showcased Ahmed's versatility and further solidified his position as a rising star in the trance scene.

Notably, Ahmed Helmy introduced his innovative sound known as "R4VE," characterized by its infectious rhythms and pulsating beats. The unique blend of elements in his tracks has captivated audiences and propelled Ahmed into the spotlight. His groundbreaking approach to music production has inspired a series of tracks titled "The R4VE Series," commencing with the chart-topping hit "R4VE 101."

Furthermore, Ahmed Helmy is the founder of his own record label, "Futurising Music," where he has released two trending hits: "Aftermath" and the acclaimed series of tracks known as "The King's Series." Through his label, Ahmed continues to nurture emerging talent and push the boundaries of trance music.

With an unwavering dedication to his craft and an ever-expanding repertoire of electrifying tracks, Ahmed Helmy continues to push the boundaries of trance music. His passion for creating unforgettable experiences through music ensures that his legacy will endure, inspiring listeners around the globe to join him on a transcendent journey through sound.