Nick Schilder Rides the Wave of U.S. Success With New Single and Five-TRack EP: ‘Dancin' Alone’

Off the back of chart success in the United States via the Angrybaby remix of his sophomore solo single ‘Realize’, Nick Schilder just released the lead single, title track and final extension of his five-track debut EP, ‘Dancin’ Alone’.

Comprising all of his solo singles on Armada Music to date, Nick Schilder’s ‘Dancin’ Alone’ EP audially depicts both the journey and innate songwriting prowess of the established Dutchman. While the first two songs, ‘Shatterproof’ and ‘Realize’, strike a more serious note, ‘Tequila’, ‘Whenever’ and the brand-new ‘Dancin’ Alone’ add positivity, playfulness and an overall uplifting atmosphere to the storyline, echoed by the feel-good music video of ‘Dancin’ Alone’ that also saw its release today.

“‘Dancin' Alone’ very much pinpoints where I’m at in my career right now,” says Nick Schilder. “I’m continuously being inspired and encouraged by the great people around me and the lovely people who visit my shows. I feel more and more comfortable as a solo artist; I may be dancin’ alone, but I’m not feeling lonely at all.”

With the release of the ‘Dancin’ Alone’ EP and the multifold success of its singles, the singer-songwriter is off to a great start as a solo artist. In addition to conquering familiar territory with ‘Shatterproof’ and ‘Realize’ (e.g. respectively #31 and #35 in the Dutch Top 40 charts), he’s also been making waves abroad, most notably in Italy — ‘Shatterproof’ reached #64 in the Italian Airplay Radio Charts — and the United States. Charting a new artistic path naturally comes with its own set of challenges, but the leaps-and-bounds growth of his international solo profile means any hurdles are merely stepping stones, signifying that the best is yet to come.

About Nick Schilder

“The music I make is who I am, what I feel and what I want to create.”

It’s these words that define Nick Schilder and his approach to music. Feeling the pull of electronic music grow stronger upon hearing Matt Simons’ 2014 single ‘Catch & Release’, the Dutch singer-songwriter is carving out his own path and stepping onto a playing field known for infinite possibilities.

Transitioning from Dutch folk and pop to dance music may seem too great a shift at first glance, despite – or maybe even because – the seventeen years of profound success he’s had as one half of Nick & Simon. Together, they topped the Dutch Top 40 chart ten times, sold 1,000,000 album copies, played sold-out solo show to crowds of 30,000 strong and frequently appeared on Dutch television, including The Voice of Holland (as coaches), popular talk shows and their own documentary series, ‘Homeward Bound’. Yet, a deep-dive into Nick Schilder’s upbringing – from learning to play guitar from globally recognized artist (his neighbor) at the age of 8 to becoming an ambassador for the Dutch Chess Association many years after securing a chess championship in his youth – hints to an artistic depth that insists on a look beyond the shallows.

Across his output, Nick Schilder will be connecting with unique songwriters from all over the world, a desire that stems from a long tradition of seeking out writing talent across the music spectrum. His songs usher in electronic music’s influence and subtly reference his own personal experiences.