From The Maddening Crowds’ in Symphonic Adaptation

A question often asked about Chicane’s music is why it’s not used in film more often. Music lovers and fans understand the depth and the nuances so suited to visuals and know his sound cannot be confined to a single genre. Despite having already soundtracked numerous moments in the almost thirty years since its release, Chicane's debut artist album now embraces a symphonic adaptation, perfectly poised for cinematic translation: 'Far From The Maddening Crowds (Symphony Rehearsals)'.

Scored and conducted by Joe Duddell (Elbow, James, New Order, Alison Moyet), the strings and orchestration take the forefront in reworking this symphonic reimagination of the 1997 album while simultaneously upholding the dance elements of the original record. From the opening track ‘Early’, reminiscent of the awakening after a romantic rendezvous, to the palpable dance rhythms in ‘Offshore DC’ and the mysterious quality of ‘Red Skies’, the album utilizes the talents of real musicians (The Hallé and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra) to authentically capture truly pure emotion.

“For nearly three decades, I’ve revisited this album, in each instance viewing it through a new lens,” says Chicane. “We’ve been floating the concept of a refined, instrumental adaptation for some time now, and breathing this new, unfiltered life into these tracks has brought a whole new meaning to this body of work that I cherish so dearly. So sit back, take a breath, listen and let the music paint the pictures in your mind.”

‘Far From the Maddening Crowd – Symphony Rehearsals’ is available on Modena Records via Armada Music from March 1, 2024.